Wednesday, April 22, 2015

March Craft Club

Happy Spring everyone!  Our weather here in Oregon has been beyond amazing if I do say so myself, hopefully yours is great as well.

Can you believe it is already April?  I am getting ready for my April craft club and realized I haven't done my post for March.

The inspiration for March started with a fun tutorial from Sausha over at Sweet Pickins .  You have to check it out!  Have you ever tried creating floral wood?  It is so much fun, and with all of the patterned napkins, your opportunities are endless.

I had so much fun creating the samples for this project.  A few of them were purely my own designs that I created.

My favorite part of the month is prepping for craft club. There is something about organized craft supplies that just makes my heart skip a beat!
If all of The CRAFT House renovations go as planned, we should only be holding craft club in my home for 2 more months.  My goal is to be moved in by June 1st.

As usual, here are the ladies on their way out the door.

I've added something a little more fun to my craft club posts each month, guest photo submissions.  When the ladies get their craft home and put in it's desired location, I ask them to share the photos with me, and now you!  These all turned out amazing!!

This monogram wall art was from the December craft day!

Ok, so they are all amazing.  But this one in particular is special.  As she was applying the napkins she had a few problems and started over.  Even on the second go around she had issues, so she bagged the whole napkin idea and resorted to paint.  The white paint on this old weathered board turned out amazing.  Then she added colorful clothes pins and I was in love!.
The recipes and pot holders that are clipped to the board are from her great grandma!  How sweet is this?!?  I love how it looks with all of her vintage jars!  Well done Courtney!

Thank you for stopping by!  Craft club is so much fun and has become such a passion for me.  I love getting to craft all the time and empower other women with the skills themselves!
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I hope you have a fantastic DIY day!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Craft Club's New Home {The CRAFT House}

Even typing the title for this post feels so surreal.  To think that Craft club started 3 years ago with a group of about 6 women, and has grown into something so amazing is so hard to believe.
After an 8 month break for personal reasons and debating on continuing with this venture on my own things have become greater than I had ever imagined.  With the new space in our home I was able to hold events with 16 women at one time. 
After November, the demand grew much larger.  In December I had a total of 33 women come and create throughout the day.  In February, the demand was so high that I decided to hold two workshops in one day. 
The ability to reach 32 women and encourage and teach new crafty tips and tricks makes my heart happy.
Moving into April, I have a sign-up list that has 3 spaces left out of 32, and 4 on a wait list!  After long talks and dreaming with my husband, we decided that it was time to turn this into something bigger.
Each month we prepare the house, set-up tables and chairs, pull out supplies and transform the place into the best craft room possible.  My husband and the kids are then sent out for the night to go have some fun time with Dad, which has now turned into an all day thing with the added workshop.  Not super convenient for anyone.
My family has a few commercial properties in town which gave me the perfect opportunity to find a great spot to move The CRAFT House.  We pondered a few ideas with each other and with family and finally set our hearts on what we believe will become a perfect fit.
The before pictures that I am about to show you are less than stellar, but if you are like me, I have the greatest vision for this space.
 Looking in to the left from the front door   Looking down to the front door
 Looking straight in from the front door  Standing opposite from the front door
 Looking out from the kitchen      Looking up from the front door
 This is the main space where most demo will happen
 Looking in from the kitchen     Looking out from the bathroom into kitchen
 Wall Up..........               Wall down.....
 Front Door is on the Left, main space being opened up
 The front door is on the right (after demo)
 This picture is taken from the kitchen door looking out into the main space.  The doorway onto the right will lead into the supply room.  That means more space for crafting in the main space.
Looking into the supply room.  
Did you happen to notice all of the cabinets piled into the corner in any of the last photos?  Well, in one of the most recent property purchases there was a large dental office that still had all of the fixtures.  The new tenants have no need for these items which meant they were coming out.  Of course I jumped at the chance and said I have a perfect home for them!
They might not be super pretty, but they are going to provide so much functional storage that you'll look right back the institutional green color.  I told you, I have a vision.
Now that I have an official home for craft club, I have been stocking up on materials and supplies that I didn't have the space to store before.
Over the last month or two I have also been busy organizing and packing up supplies as well as shopping for new fun things for the space.  So before I leave you I want so share some pure eye candy, I am so excited to start moving into the new space!
That is all for today!  Things are moving right along in the craft house, so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest as well as Instagram @onethriftychick to see sneak peeks of the project.  Also, be sure to head over here and see where I like to party each week!
Thank you for stopping by, Have an amazing day!!