Saturday, January 11, 2014

Simple DIY Barnwood table w/burlap curtains

If you follow me on Facebook, or Instagram then you have seen the progress of this little DIY project I have been working on.

A sweet friend of mine has an amazing home décor shop here in our town called Real Deals on Home Décor, and she was needing a few things done for a New Year, New Look she was creating!  Of course I jumped at the chance to help and get creative!

The main goal was to create a new clean and rustic focal point in the store.  I came up with the idea of building a counter behind her register that would not only be useful, but would also give her a place to store some of her needed items, that aren't that pretty to look at all the time.

It all started with a trip to Home Depot to create a curtain rod to go all the way around the counter.  I laid in bed one night and figured out the perfect solution.  I know the industrial pipe is all the rage these days, but I have used them many times before in the past and knew it would create the perfect fit for what we needed.

First Step was to build the curtain rod and then build a 2x4 box to fit inside that.

Once the frame was built, we attached 1x6 rough cut boards across the entire top.  We ended up ripping down a few of them in order to fit perfectly, and love the result in doing so.  (sorry I didn't get pictures of this step)

Once the top was assembled, we then attached regular 2x4 legs in the desired length we needed.  We didn't use new one because the will not be seen in the end.

We gave the whole thing a light sanding, going over the top of it a few times.  Do this to avoid splintering, unless you use smooth wood.

The next step is to create a weathered wood look using stain.  I will do an entire tutorial on how to do this, so check back for that.

I just loved how the top turned out, and I had to see the contrast between the wood and the burlap!  It was swoon worthy for sure!

As you can see in the picture below, once the stain dried it really looked like weathered wood.  I really loved the look, but we needed this to be a durable surface.   A few coats of Minwax Polyurethane and you're ready to go.

For the curtains I chose burlap, and just hemmed the edges and created a 3" rod pocket to insure enough space to move along the entire curtain rod.

And that's it, you are done!  You could choose any curtain, or maybe no curtain at all?   If you choose not to have a curtain, be sure to used some nicer 2x4's for legs.  

You can do this table in any size you need, there is no specific dimensions.  You could also use some fence boards as an inexpensive alternative for the top.

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Oh, and if you are local be sure to stop in to Eugene's Real Deals on Home Décor and see what an amazing place it is!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November Craft Club & A Handmade Holiday workshop

Happy New Year to all of my fabulous readers, and new visitors.  The Holiday's of 2013 went by way too quick, and I fell so far behind on my blog because of it.   So today, you get TWO posts all squeezed into one.  

The first set of photos are from our November Craft Club which was a fun Garland Party! 


Look at some of these fun Garlands!  We used Christmas books, sheet music, scrapbook papers, flash cards, bingo cards and fabric!

For the month of December we held an all day craft event called the Handmade Holiday.  It was designed so that our guests could spend the day creating handmade Christmas gifts for friend and family.
Here are some of the fun items that were used to make magnets for our magnetic memo boards.
We brought back the much loved Garland Station, and added a whole new collection of vintage flash cards and other fun items!
Each guest was greeted with a fun swag bag!
Here is a fun photo of all of the supply carts, just waiting to be brought out and played with!
The Food was amazing!  We had a shredded pork and beef taco bar along with Spanish rice, and re fried beans.  All was homemade and was phenomenal.
And of course, what craft day wouldn't be complete without a beverage station.  We had juice, soda, coffee, tea, wine and of course margaritas!
And sadly, we were so busy crafting the day away that we weren't able to get many photos of our guests creations.  However, look at this garland.  Can you see the snowman cookie cutter?  How adorable and creative is that??
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Craft Club {Oregon Weekend Whimsy}

 Hello friends! I'm so excited to share with you another craft club post!  We had a very successful craft club last weekend, and can you believe it..... I remembered to take pictures!!

Let's get right into them!  This month we chose to create scrappy wreaths in autumnal colors or Halloween theme.  The possibilities were endless, and they turned out great.  

Here are some of the samples we used for our invitation.

We also chose to pair this craft with another fun halloween theme vintage spooky photo frames.  These are so much fun.

Alright, on to the fun night.   This month we had 15 ladies come join in the crafty bliss, come see how much fun was had!

Did you see all of those amazing crafts??  They turned out to wonderful, and everyone had a blast!

Interested in finding out more about the Craft Club we have here in Oregon?  Head on over to Facebook and join the fun!

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